Ready Pretty x Vivian Lou Collab

We’re so excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with Vivian Lou - the shoe insole that stops high heel pain. Yes, you read that correctly. Stops high heel pain! And over at Ready Pretty HQ, we’re obsessed.  If you’re a high heels fanatic, you’re gonna love Vivian Lou.  These insoles, which were designed by a podiatrist and engineered by a rocket scientist, claim you can wear your high heels 4 times longer without the pain.  And our team has tested out that theory time and time again.

What’s even more perfect? The slim design and clear resin material make the insole impossible to see in open-toe and open-back shoes and Summer sandals.  

Got a wedding coming up? Wear heels all day, everyday at the office? These insoles are serious foot-savers, preventing your feet from not only slipping forward in your shoe, but from the inevitable forefoot pressure that happens when wearing heels.

And as if we couldn’t love this brand anymore, they donate 2% of every sale of insoles to Dress for Success (Twin Cities, MN) and The Women’s Bean Project (Denver) in an effort to help less fortunate women everywhere regain their confidence and reclaim their independence.

As a part of all of our Ready Pretty picks, we’ll be including a discount for all of you - because we’re that obsessed with these miracle workers.  Use code READYPRETTY to receive 15% off your Vivian Lou Insoles purchases moving forward and enjoy walking on clouds.

Trust us. You (and your feet)  will thank us later.

P.S. - Check out our Instagram on Friday morning for a special GIVEAWAY (you heard it hear first!!)