Ready Pretty How To: Mix Stripes & Florals

One of our absolute favorite style hacks for Spring is mixing prints! New to this trend? Start simple by pairing stripes and floral together! There are so many fun combinations to try and it’s a great way to create new looks within your existing wardrobe!

Check out a few of our favorite tips for making this trend work for you this Spring! 

Tip #1:  Include a Common Color
This is by far our favorite tip.  Make sure there is one common color in your top and bottom when mixing a print.  A neutral like black or navy is a great common color to leverage.

Tip #2:  Keep Your Accessories Neutral
So we’ve decided to mix prints? Let’s keep everything else neutral. The pop is in your outfit, the rest should remain low key.

Tip #3:  Choose a Dominant Pattern
Don’t let your patterns compete, instead select a dominant pattern (typically the multicolor floral) and then add the supplemental pattern (typically the two-tone stripe)

Tip:4  Pick Your Proportions
When mixing patterns, it’s important to consider your shape and silhouette  - would floral pants and a striped tee look best? Perhaps it’s a pencil skirt or an a-line with a bit of fullness. Proportions are key when mixing prints.

Want to give it a try? Ask your Ready Pretty stylist to include a stripes and floral combo in your next pick!