Ask a Stylist: Dressing My Postpartum Body

This week - dressing your postpartum body. It's a tough one ladies.  Let's face it, you JUST had a baby and the last thing on your mind is getting all dolled up when you're still feeling the effects of childbirth, those first (crazy) few weeks of no sleep and that inevitable adjustment of be taking care of a newborn.  So what's a girl to do when she's got a big event coming up and her babe is not even a month old! Ready Pretty to the rescue!  

Pictured above: Gorgeous new mama Abby - at her sister-in-laws wedding 3 (yes 3!) weeks postpartum looking absolutely stunning in her Ready Pretty picks! 

Here are a few of our stylists favorite tips for dressing your postpartum bod. Because lets face it - we don't care who you are - things don't always bounce back as quickly as you'd like.

Tip #1: Let go of your maternity clothes

Yes, we said it. It's the biggest mistake that so many women make. Maternity wear is cut a certain way - and oftentimes - it's to let your bump be the hero of your outfit. That's great when there's a baby in there, not so great when the baby it now on your hip.  Let it go and figure out new ways to define your shape, accentuate what you want and take the focus elsewhere from the areas you're not loving right now. The only exception to this rule might be maternity jeans - because let's face it, they're so comfortable and that belly band helps keep everything in! 

Tip #2: Create your shape

Opt for pieces with defining elements. A cinched waist, a strong shoulder a structured pant. By adding strong shapes you're able to create a strong silhouette that looks less postpartum-y (yes, we've just made up that word… you get us.)

Tip #3: Mind your Top 

Take care of your "girls". In our experience, immediately postpartum your chest is a bit bigger than normal. The right bra can make all the difference in looking taller, longer and leaner. Be sure to tighten your straps and treat yourself to one pretty one in between all the not so cute sports bras and/or nursing bras. 

Tip #4: Choose Wisely

Button downs, long tunics and cardigans, belt textures and prints are all a great options for postpartum style.  Ask your stylist to help you create stylish looks so you can dress like the "cool mom" you are.