Not Your Typical Gym Shoes: Three Ways to Style Your Sneakers


Think you can't make sneakers work for outside of the gym? Think again! Sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes you own - what if they could also be one of the most stylish? Form and function? Yes please! Don’t just keep your sneakers in your gym bag… our stylist pulled together three quick outfits for making your gymp shoes work outside of the gym. 

And P.S. - Anyone else as OBSESSED with the sneaker picks above? 

Sneakers + Dress

Source: LA Cool & Chic

Wearing your gym shoes with a dress is a new and fun trend. You may be asking yourself this question “Can I wear my Adidas shoes with my maxi or midi dress?" You can! Here’s how: Choose a dress that shows at least an inch of your ankle. You can pick a dress that is form fitting or a loose comfy dress without much form. Add a hat and a jean jacket and you are ready to roll. Easy!

Sneakers + Skirt

When rocking this look, opt for a light or white shoe color. We recommend a midi skirt versus any other length skirt to really pull this off. We love this pleated version paired with tucked in top and denim jacket. You could also do a cozy, oversized sweater to up the comfort factor. Or, opt for a fitted jacket, full skirt and tucked in tee with sneakers.  This look has a vintage 50s vibe that is so chic and cozy! Consider a sneaker the next time you pull out a skirt from your closet.

Sneakers + Jeans 

Black jeans, boyfriend jeans, light washed jeans - you name it.  Cuff your jeans and show off your ankle, making your legs look nice and long. Or, rock the ripped cuff trend and your sneaks for a fun look. This is just another way to draw attention to your amazing new sneakers. Have fun with color, embellishments and texture when wearing jeans - and keep everything else neutral. It's an anything but basic look with some serious style cred! 

You can rock your sneakers a variety of different ways outside the gym. Have fun with these great styles! You don’t just run at the gym, life is a marathon right? Er, is it a sprint? Either way, why not look stylish, casual and comfortable all at the same time!?

Ask your stylist to include a stylish sneaker option in your next Ready Pretty pick