How To: Getting Business Casual Right

Photo via: Memorandum

Photo via: Memorandum

This week, we've partnered with LBF Recruitment Strategies - one of the top recruitment agencies in Chicago, and we're sharing our tips for getting business casual right.  From 'finding your fit' to 'leave the leggings at home' - head on over to the LBF blog to see our "Getting Business Casual Right" tips!

Not only does LBF founder Lisa help place her clients in the right roles, but she's also an incredible career and life coach who has helped her clients to achieve clarity, identify goals, discover passions and create a path towards a purposeful, meaningful and successful career and life! 

Interested in career coaching? Receive 10% off an LBF package by emailing Lisa@LBFStrategies and use the code RPLBF.