Ask a Stylist #2: Your Questions Answered!


Why is this still a thing?  How many times have you been shivering at your desk, only to have your body go into a bizarre and instant cold sweat upon walking outdoors during the Summer? Whoever is managing the temperatures in office spaces around the world are country are failing… miserably. So what’s a girl to do when it’s freezing in the office and hot outside?

Check out our go-to tips for managing the temps in style, both indoors and out.

Cami & Blazer Combo

Source: Stylishly Me

Source: Stylishly Me

It’s time to master the art of the layer.  Doing a simple silk or cotton cami underneath a blazer or jacket makes transitioning temps a breeze (pun intended).  Take it off when you head outside, add it back when you step in to your office.  I recommend keeping a basic black blazer at the office ALWAYS, so that way you’ll never be stuck shivering in your cubicle.

Midi Lengths

Source: J.Crew

Source: J.Crew

Midi skirts and dresses are so perfect for high/low temps. Long enough to cover the majority of your legs, but still breezy and flowy enough for the outdoors, they are a great bottoms alternative that’s weather appropriate.



Opt for a long sleeve linen dress - the sleeve length will keep you warm and the fabric will quickly dry post ‘walk to lunch sweat session’.  It's both breathable and cold-blocking all in one.  Trust us. 

Wide Leg Airy Pants

Source: Crystal Phuong

Same idea as the midi skirt -  this silhouette covers the legs yet is breathable enough for a midday stroll outside.

Bonus Stylist Tips

  • There’s no shame about leaving a blanket at your desk
  • Summery scarves are a great way to cover up without adding bulk
  • Button down shirts that can be rolled up are a great option to go between hot and cold

Any other tips you want to share - tell us in the comments! Ask your stylist to include a few office to outside options in your next Ready Pretty Pick!