Ask a Stylist #3: Your Questions Answered!


As with anything else that you put on your body, it’s important to find the fit and length that is most flattering for your shape. The key to making it look appropriate, regardless of age, is all in how you style it. 

Check out a few of our favorite jeans shorts tips for ANY age: 

  • A longer or slimmer leg can pull off a longer short, while a slightly more abbreviated style looks best on petite or curvy figures. 
  • Keep distressing and embellishments to a minimum.
  • Opt for a fitted shape, not too loose and certainly not too tight.
  • Keep problem areas covered by taking your shape into account 

All that said, the jeans shorts look can certainly be achieved at any age as long as it's done right. 

And, ultimately, as with every single item that we select for our users and that you wear - you must, absolutely must, feel confident and comfortable.  Because it shows.  Not feeling it? Don't wear it. Can't stop posing in the mirror - well then rock it with all the sophistication and confidence that you've got - no matter your age! 

Fashion Math Bonus! 

Denim shorts + brown leather flat sandals + striped button down = The Perfect Weekend Errands Look

Ask your stylist to send you some body-appropriate jean shorts in your next Ready Pretty pick!