The Ready Pretty Philosophy


Such wise words. And in fact, the reason I'm writing this today.  The idea for Ready Pretty was born out of the fact that even the best of us have a tendency to not shop smart. And that comes in a variety of different forms - you could be the "I buy the same shirt if 5 different colors" kind of shopper, or the "I buy super cheap, but it only lasts for one wear" type of shopper, or even the "I have no idea what's hidden in the deep dark corners of my closet, so I just keep on buying when I need something to wear" kind of shopper".

Whatever shopping personality you identify with - we've all been there in one way or another.  At Ready Pretty, we're changing the way you shop. 

Our packages were created with the busy, preoccupied, overly-scheduled woman in mind. You feel like your style is in a rut and you're just not sure what to do next. Or, time is not on your side and trying to carve out a few minutes to shop sounds like an actual joke.  Our process is meant to make shopping fun again - with links and looks personalized just for you - from a stylist who you can actually speak with and video chat with if you're so inclined.  We take the time to understand your needs and style aspiration - selecting pieces that not only work together - but elevate your style in a way you couldn't without the help of a pro. 

So you're able to "Buy Less, and Choose Well" - taking the stress out of shopping and make it fun to get dressed. We can't wait to work with you.

Use code RP15 to take 15% off your very first package. 


Jeannine, Founder Ready Pretty