Woman We Love: Casey


A casual business environment can be hard sometimes. And a creative business environment even harder. We loved styling advertising exec Casey, for just that environment. See how she describes her style, how her Ready Pretty stylist helped and her spot on answer to the age old question, Aiden or Big?

Occupation: Marketing, Account Director

Describe your style: Mixed style - some days more alternative or edgy, other days more boho or girly. Really depends on my mood, but overall casual and simple - typically not too trendy.

Why did you try Ready Pretty and how has it helped: I was sick of staring at the pieces in my closet and trying to figure out what works well together. I typically shop buying one or two pieces at a time with little thought to how to create an outfit from it with other pieces in my wardrobe. I feel like when I pair things myself I'm almost there, but not quite.

What's your favorite Ready Pretty pick: Probably the linen blazer from Loft because I'll be able to wear it anytime of year. It can work for business meetings or as a light jacket for more relaxed setting.

After a long day how do you like to unwind: Some days by going to happy hour, but most days just spending a night in grilling/cooking and watching Netflix.

If you could meet any woman for lunch who would it be and what would you order: I'd have lunch with Hillary Clinton. Some may think of her as a controversial figure, but like her or not she is making history. I'd love to get her thoughts on not just politics, but getting ahead in a male dominated world. And I'd probably order a sandwich or burrito - I'm not good at just having a salad for lunch, although I wish I was!


RP Quick Fire

Jeans or Dresses?


Girls night in or girls night out?


Dinner date or date at the ballpark?


Brights or neutrals?


Sneakers or heels?


Mountains or beach?

Toss up - I love both equally (the Midwest sadly doesn't provide either)

Aiden or Big?

Aiden (but during the second time he dated Carrie - less hippie, but still down to earth and so considerate)