Meet Hannah - Our New Intern!

It's official! We're growing! 

Meet Hannah, our newest member of the Ready Pretty team! We're so excited to have her and couldn't wait to introduce her to all of you! So stop by, say hello and give a big welcome to Hannah, our intern extraordinaire! 

Tell us a little about yourself! 

Hi my name is Hannah and I love fashion, donuts and taking pictures of sunsets. I got a job on a radio station my junior year of college doing the show’s social media. I had never had a background in media and found myself learning as I went. One of the ways I learned was starting a fashion blog. I started falling in love with media, both in broadcasting and in fashion. I came across Ready Pretty and immediately wanted to apply what I learned to help you love fashion.

Describe your style?  

My style is classy, colorful with a dash of city. I love anything urban.

What do you love to wear?  

I love to wear a big t-shirt with adidas and leggings. I am always on the move so I want to be comfortable at all times.

What would you never wear? 

I will probably never wear… wow this is a hard one… well, I don’t really like plaid. I don’t know why. This includes flannels. I just don’t wear flannels.

Favorite way to spend a Sunday? 

Before I join my family at church, I usually get up early and read on Sundays. I’ll grab a cup of coffee and search through fashion magazines and blogs. One of my favorite sites is

Favorite item in your wardrobe and why? 

Right now my favorite item in my closet is my Kate Spade rose gold purse. It is huge and fits my life inside. I thought the rose gold color wouldn’t match with enough in my closet, but I was very wrong. Kate Spade goes with anything.

What are you most excited about doing at Ready Pretty? 

I am excited about being able to blog every week. I am a creative and usually have way too many ideas for my own good. Writing is how I channel my creative energy and share fashion trends with you!

Favorite fall trend?

My favorite fall trend is the kick flare jeans. This trend is so fun. Back in the 90s I remember flare jeans were popular. I have tiny ankles and like to show it off. This was a struggle because flare jeans usually cover your lower leg. Kick flare jeans differ in this way. Kick flare jeans are cut just mid calf, showing off your ankles. The jeans were practically made for me!

Check out a few of Hannah's favorite kick flares! 


What's your advice for women that are trying to find their own personal style? 

Don’t limit yourself. I have found fashion to be so freeing. You have the freedom to be you. Fashion is an outlet to express that freedom. If you love something buy ten. Make it your fashionista trademark.