Women We Love: Susan

Talk about a boss lady.  Meet Susan, Pure Barre West Loop owner, mama to two sweet boys and one of our favorite Ready Pretty style transformations to date. We were so excited to help this busy lady clean out her closet and create a more cohesive wardrobe that fit her new lifestyle. Coming from corporate America (read stiff, dull pant suits) to working in the fitness industry - Susan's closet was a mix of old school (and ill-fitting!) work apparel and the largest assortment of leggings we've ever seen! 

Read on to see how her stylist helped to transform her wardrobe, why she decided on Ready Pretty and her favorite way to unwind from her busy, hectic lifestyle. 

Occupation? Owner of Pure Barre West Loop

Desccribe your style? Athleisure (is that a style?). Leggings and tanks…all day, every day! Thankfully that works great with what I do. Outside of the studio, I like timeless looks with a current twist. 

Why did you try Ready Pretty and how has it helped? I already knew Ready Pretty's founder Jeannine personally (she's one of our lovely clients) but when I ran into her at a social event, I remember thinking how effortlessly sophisticated she looked. I wanted to know what SHE knew about pulling a great outfit together.  When she complimented MY outfit, I confessed that it was all borrowed and I had not decent (non-athleisure-wear) options for date nights and events.  Gasp!! I was in a total wardrobe transition from my previous corporate role and back-to-back pregnancies. I needed help! 

What's your favorite Ready Pretty Pick? White jeans! … and I loved the overall suggestion to have a few key jackets and blazers to pull outfits together and help me transition from casual to dressy or from season to season. This was a major gap in my previous wardrobe. Since working with RP, I’ve added a white denim jacket, a classic tweed jacket, and a printed blazer to my wardrobe that are super-versatle and make me feel polished even if it only took me 5 minutes to get dressed.

After a long day how do you like to unwind? I love walking through the door at the end of the day and throwing on anything in fleece or french terry by Beyong Yoga or Alo (both brands have amazingly soft fabrications) and people-watching from our balcony with my husband and two boys. I put my feet up, get some family snuggle time and snack on White Cheddar Skinny Pop while we all catch up on our busy days -  toddlers tell the best stories!

Ready Pretty Quick Fire

Dress or Jeans?

Whatever's clean? Okay, jeans.

Girls night in or girls night out? 

IN or maybe 50/50...drinks and apps at a low-key spot and then head back to a couch or rooftop to catch up. I have a low tolerance for talking over loud music and squeezing into crowded spaces in order to connect with my favorite people

Dinner date or date at the ballpark? 

Dinner date. Geoff and I love trying new restaurants and there’s certainly no shortage in Chicago, especially in the West Loop! MadSocial and Monteverde are our latest obsessions.

Brights or neutrals? 

I gravitate toward black or navy neutrals with a pop of color.

Sneaker or heels? 

Wedge heels :) 

Mountains or beach? 


Such a fun, inspiring, gorgeous and now stylish woman! Susan, you are truly the definition of a Woman We Love!! 

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