5 Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer


Ladies, ladies, ladies! If you read our earlier post on cleaning out your closet, then you're already a step ahead - good work! 

I think we've all been guilty of a few things on this list a time or two.  Do yourself a favor and take the time to store your clothing properly and it'll show in the longevity of your clothing. I'm a firm believe of quality over quantity - when it comes to clothing I edit regularly to ensure my closet doesn't look as though a tornado has blow through. That said, it's important that I take care of what I have - the pieces that I love - in order to make them last. 

Set up the proper storage today and have great pieces to wear tomorrow. See what to do, what you should never do and a few tips and tricks not not ruin your clothes. 

Stop Folding Your Leather

Or throwing it in a pile on the floor for that matter... You can't iron leather, and it's the absolute worst when it wrinkles because there's seriously nothing you can do but wait for it to work itself out. Who's got time for that? Be sure you're always hanging your leather on soft hangers to ensure no dents, wrinkles or unwanted bumps.

Ease Up On the Dry Cleaner

"Dry clean" and "dry clean only" are two very different things. With sensitive fabrics like cashmere, dry-cleaning too often can significantly decrease the lifespan of that item.  If it says dry clean, a simple and occasional handwash and air dry can normally do the trick. You'll love this tip even more if your dry cleaning bill has been out of control lately. 

Use the Protectant

If you're anything like me, you've actually taken the step to buy the suede/leather/special material protectant, but you've haven't exactly gotten around to actually spraying those amazing shoes that you love more than anything and are deathly afraid of getting any sort of precipitation on. Take the step. Spray them safe. There's nothing worse than crusty watermarks on those incredible, new suede booties that your stylist picked just for you. 

Zip Your Zippers

Always. But we're talking specifically about when you wash your clothes. It will prevent snags on all the other items in your laundry machine and keep zippers stronger, longer. It's a win-win and an easy step when tossing your clothes in the washer.  

Store Your Bags 

You know those cute little bags that your bags come in when you buy them (yes, a bag in a bag)? Keep them. Unless you've got some gorgeous display of bags in your celeb-style closet (well then we just envy you!), we recommend using these protective bags to store every tote, purse and clutch you've got.  Not only will it protect delicate fabrics like leathers and suedes from scratches, snags and color saturation, but it's also just a better closet organization solution to keep things in their place at all times. 

Get in the habit of doing these simple steps and not only your wardrobe, but your wallet will thank you. 

Tell us, what are some of your favorite ways to protect your clothing? Share in the comments below! 

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