The Summer of the Basket Bag


Shaking off its sunscreen and sandcastle duties and stepping straight out for drinks in the city, in case you hadn’t noticed, the summer basket bag has been THE breakout hit of the season in just about every style, size and price imaginable. It’s appeal? Pure vacation optimism all wrapped in one neat package - who wouldn’t want to switch out their everyday leather tote for a bag that transforms even the simplest outfit into an instant compliment-grabber!

Served with a pop of sunshine and an “anything goes” attitude, if it seems a little out there for you, it actually is super sensible if you consider its endless styling potentials and spend-vs-wear ratio. From your denim downtime to dressy evening looks, whether pom-pom, tasseled, minimalist or even monogrammed, having a basket bag by your side all summer long will transport you to your happy place, and, get you plenty of style high-fives along the way.

With so many options still available out there (some even on sale, yay!), we’ve selected a few of our favorites from the brands who are doing it best.

1. Directional


Cult Gaia

A firm favorite with fashion editors and style bloggers, this uber-Instagrammable bag is a directional take on the trend with an elegant vintage-inspired silhouette and super cool bamboo weaving. An instant fast-track to cool - snap it up quick as it often has a wait-list.


2. 24/7 Beach Life



Vacation style pros KAYU have a head-spinning array of extra cute bags on offer - along with monogramming options and extra embellishments to help you personalize the bag of your dreams.


3. Jet Set




High-energy and maximum-impact style, if Brazilian brand Nannacay errs on the pricier side, its vibrant adornments and eye-catching designs make it a worthy statement-making piece, perfect for all occasions.  


4. Bucket List




A sure sign that high street brands have got in on this super trend, Zara offers up this quietly elegant wicker bucket bag - now on sale for half price, so grab yourself a bargain before it sells out!


5. Pom Poms Please




Super cute mini baskets come courtesy of JADEtribe with a fun, fluffy three pom-pom feature, available in a rainbow of shades.


6. One Of A Kind Finds



Etsy Jane Birkin Basket

OK, so it’s not quite the Hermes Birkin bag - and nowhere near its price tag thankfully, but this superstar definitely takes its inspiration from style icon Jane Birkin’s faithful carry-everywhere wicker basket. Support small businesses and buy yours from Etsy. And, if this bag’s not quite to your taste, do a search for ‘basket bags’ in Etsy and uncover a trove of wicker, raffia arm-candies.

Thinking of adding a straw basket bag to your summer wardrobe? Tell us which one you like the most!