5 Ways to Style a Button Down Shirt


Think there's only one way to wear a button down? Think again.  Want to make your go-to shirt work for outside of work? We're all about versatility here at Ready Pretty, so our intern Hannah, blogger over at The Full Color Life, is sharing five new ways to style your button down. Keep reading and check out this fun video to see a few fun ways to change it up. 

#1: The Half Tuck: Tuck the front part of your top only, into your favorite pair of jeans. We recommend doing this with mid to high rise denim. 

#2: The Tie: Unbutton the bottom button and tie the two corners of the shirt together. If you're feeling daring, unbutton one additional button to show off your waist. 

#3: Off The Shoulder Sweet Heart Wrap: This style may take you two second to get right. Button your shirt up without your arms in the sleeves. Take one sleeve and tuck it into the opposite side of your top. Cross the second sleeve to the opposite side and tuck it in. Voila! A fun silhouette that's totally unexpected! 

#4: Belt It: This is a fun and easy look to do. Fit a belt at the smallest part of your waist.  Your Ready Pretty Stylist can help you determine what width belt is best for you. 

#5: Backwards: Yes, backwards!  Turn your top around so the buttons are on your back. You may want to button up the shirt before slipping your arms into the sleeves. After you have accomplished buttoning the top, smooth out the collar. Surprisingly, it'll look like it's meant to be that way! 

Don’t let your wardrobe get monotonous. With these simple tricks you'll get more wear out of your basic button down.