Women We Love: Florence

Before & After

From dull and ill-fitting, to a fun and streamlined wardrobe that better fit her body, style and new job - see how we seriously refreshed this cheeky working mom's work wardrobe in a major way. 

We love a good makeover story, who doesn’t? When our dear client Florence came to us concerned about starting a new job with a wardrobe that didn’t quite match her new title or show her personality and professionalism, she reached out to Ready Pretty for help. Since her previous work wardrobe was outdated, ill-fitting and more for a conservative office setting, we made sure to liven up her look with a wardrobe that better fit her new cool job status.

Thank you Florence for letting us help you #DressBetter!

See why we loved working with this working West Coast mom and how we transformed her workwear style and perspective.

What do you do? Recovering lawyer turned professional services marketing specialist.

What’s your style? Classic.

Why did you try Ready Pretty and how has it helped? My mate Kim recommended it! At first I thought it was an odd concept – but I loved it! Having clothes that actually fit give life ease and a lift to my confidence. And I have no interest in shopping!

What's your favorite Ready Pretty pick? My classic navy sloan trousers from Banana Republic – I steam them when I remember they always look good and have diversified into pink and red too! 

After a long day how do you like to unwind? Cup of tea, a cuddle with my kids or a book on my sofa

If you could meet any woman for lunch who would it be and what would you order?  Sonia Maria Sotomayor Justice Supreme Court. I'd order monkfish with lots of steamed veggie and very good risotto!

Can you share a fashion regret? Oh my... where to begin! I spent the 80s head to toe in goth black and black lipstick too!

RP Quick Fire - Which Would You Rather?

Jeans or Dresses? Dress

Girls night in or girls night out? In

Dinner date or date at the ballpark? Dinner

Brights or neutrals? Brights

Sneakers or heels? Neither

Mountains or beach? Mountains

Aiden or Big? Shame on me never watched it – need to get started – just to form an opinion of course!